Fomabrom Variant 113 BO

Variant 113 BO is a new paper for 2019, and replaces the Variant 123.

Again a stipple with a reasonable degree of gloss, and intended to work well with both Bromoil and Lith processing.

At present the only sizes available are 11×14″ in packs of 10 & 25 sheets and 8×10″ in 25 sheets.

The examples below & description are courtesy of Mike Crawford, Lighthouse Darkroom;

Fomabrom Variant 113 B0 Test 1.


Fotospeed LD 20 1+1+30
Kodak Selenium 2.5 minutes at 1+20
Foma’s UK distributors asked me if I would like to test how Variant 113 works with lith as it’s now available from Process Supplies in the UK. Good timing as I was working on an article for Amateur Photographer on lith so was useful to have another paper to try. Previously would have used 123.
It’s a smooth matt surface and works in a similar way to 123. Very nice brown to red tones though relatively flat tones when dried. Could work very well for the right sort of subject. It prints with a slight linear texture which I didn’t mind. (Am trying to decide from a test if pre washing the paper reduces it or not.) Has a warmish brown black though I gave a slight selenium tone to all my tests which shifted it towards a more neutral to warm black and addend a bit of d-max. I expect by altering the ration of A and B, different colours, contrasts and tones could be explored. The paper base is a good white so is brighter base than 123.
Test image appropriately shot in Prague! From the four prints I’ve done so far, I like the look of it.


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