Fomapan R100

Fomapan R100 Reversal Film

Fomapan R100 is a panchromatically sensitized black and white reversal film with a speed of ISO 100/21°. Distinguished by very fine grain, high resolving power and contour sharpness, and higher contrast. Coated on a very clear base for maximum brightness on projection.
The film is produced in the two cine formats:

Fomapan R00 Standard 8mm


2 x 8 mm (standard) /10 m

There is also a Fomapan R Super 8mm format available through Darkside to special order. However please note this is NOT supplied in super 8mm cartridges, but is double run 16mm, on the same spool as the standard 8mm except with the smaller super 8mm perforations. Designed to be processed using the Foma Reversal Kit.

2 x Super 8 mm (DS 8) /10 m


Fomapan R00 16mm


Fomapan R100 is produced in 16 mm, with one-edge perforations in a 30.5 metre / 100′ roll. This is supplied on a black daylight loading spool, in a  metal can with removable lid. Designed to be processed using the Foma Reversal Kit.




Foma do not currently offer a reversal 35mm film – this position may change, but for the time being the Foma Reversal Kit could be used for reversal processing other black & white films. Generally slow to medium speed films will work better than fast films for reversal. However most films designed for negative processing will contain anti-halation tinting & will not view as clearly as a dedicated reversal film.




Fomapan R100 Overview

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