Fomapan 400

The fast film in the Foma range, designed for photography with limited light availability, if you need to use a high shutter speed in better lighting, or if you would simply like heavier grain than is normal with the slower films.


Fomapan 400 in 35mm cassettes;
Fomapan 400 135-36
Fomapan 400 135-24

The bulk packs are 10 rolls wrapped in cellophane.





Fomapan 400 in bulk rolls;
Fomapan 400 35mm 17 metres
Fomapan 400 35mm 30 metres




Fomapan 400 120


Fomapan 400 is produced in the standard 120 roll film packing; the film is foil wrapped, & is on a standard plastic spool that should be compatible with any camera.
The backing paper has the usual overprinting for box cameras that use numbers for sequencing the shots. The bulk pack is 20 rolls cellophane wrapped.

Fomapan 400 4×5″ / 5×7″ / 8×10″


Fomapan 400 in sheet film is a relative newcomer to the range, and we are aiming to keep these 3 formats in stock at all times. Please note the pack size is 50 sheets, which represents amazing value for money by comparison with competitors.




Fomapan 400 Overview

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