Fomatone MG 131


Fomatone MG 131 is the glossy fibre-based warm tone paper of the Foma range.

Glossy in FB papers compared to RC glossy can be confusing. RC glossy paper is quickly dried to a high surface gloss. However FB paper is more versatile. Although capable of drying to a high gloss finish, this requires using a ‘ferrotype’ plate, with a high gloss chrome finish, which could be in manual glazer or a rotary machine that automates the process. Either way, it’s more trouble than most people want, and in any case the finish of glossy FB when naturally dried is generally greatly preferred.


Looking closely at the surface of glossy unglazed it has a smooth but natural finish which seems right for a well crafted print that’s fit to go on exhibition. Something else to take into account is that FB papers have been around for well over a century, have a proven record of permanence if properly processed, and their value as artefacts are probably better than those made on RC paper.

The emulsion on Fomatone 131 responds well to ‘lith’ processing, an example here printed with Fotospeed Lith by Mike Crawford of Lighthouse Darkroom


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