Fomatone MG 532 Nature

DISCONTINUED – some remaining stock in 9.5×12″ & 20×24″

Fomatone_MG532_ChamoisFomatone 532 Nature uses the same variable contrast Fomatone emulsion, but is laid on an unusual 300 gsm ‘art’ paper, with a slight weave to the texture. Added pigmentation gives it an extra warm ivory colour that complements the warm-tone emulsion. The result is unusual for a photographic enlarging paper, & could be taken for one hand-coated with emulsion.


A close up with cross lighting shows the texture;


As with other Fomatone papers, the emulsion is responsive to different types of developer and can be taken to different levels of warmth, but bearing in mind the base colour is very warm the emulsion usually looks best developed on the warm side.

The emulsion on Fomatone 532 responds well to ‘lith’ processing, an example here printed with Fotospeed Lith by Mike Crawford of Lighthouse Darkroom


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