Foma Darkroom Papers


FOMA produces a range of black & white papers covering every requirement, cold through to warm tones, glossy through to matt. These are in both fibre-based (FB), which may be first choice for exhibition prints, and resin-coated (RC) types, which are quick & simple to process for proof prints.

Fomaspeed_Variant_311_DetailVARIANT is the cold-tone variable contrast paper. Used with Multigrade type sets of filters, or dial-in filter enlargers, a range of contrast grades can be produced from 0 through to 5.
Variant is available in glossy & matt in both FB & RC types.






Fomatone_MG132_DetailFOMATONE is the warm-tone variable contrast paper. The degree of warmth depends to a large extent on the type of developer used, but is capable of shifting from a subtle warmth to almost sepia. Papers of this type no longer available include Agfa Record Rapid, Forte Polywarmtone, Fomatone can be considered a good substitute for these discontinued materials.
In FB the standard choice is glossy MG131 or semi-matt MG132



Fomatone_MG532_Chamois_DetailTwo specialised warm-tone papers in the range are Fomatone MG 532 & Fomatone MG 542.
These use a special heavy matt base, & are tinted to give extra-warm colours. For those with long memories they fit into the same niche as Kodak ‘Ektalure’, and it’s later replacement Kenmore ‘Charcoal’.
The 532 (Nature) is an ivory tint, while 542 (Chamois) is a even warmer cream colour.



In RC there are still 3 materials MG331 (glossy) MG 332 (matt) & MG333 (velvet) – these are special order through Darkside.

In the FOMA factory range there are also options of fixed grade FB & RC papers, FOMABROM and FOMASPEED. Demand for graded papers is now relatively small, so they are not stocked by Darkside, but can be included in each months production if ordered. Delivery will normally be within the month following.



FOMALUX [text]

FOMA 3-Digit Numerical Code

Foma use a code which follows the system employed by all European paper manufacturers (most no longer trading!), & shown in the table below. Please note that not all these options are available, please check the pages here for availability.


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