Foma Stop Fix & Wetting Agent

Foma produces a range of fixers for different levels of print production, powder & liquid & in different sizes.


Fomafix P


Fomafix P is a small packing of slower sodium thiosulphate based fixer, making 1 litre of working solution. The best choice for long term storage, & particularly if travelling by air.




Fomafix Liquid

A liquid rapid fixer concentrate based on ammonium thiosulphate, which can be used with both papers and films. Used for small scale processing, at a temperature of 20°C fixing will normally be complete in 3 minutes. Two sizes;

Fomafix 500ml

Fomafix_500mlFomafix for small scale use, 500ml packing of liquid fixer, used 1 + 5 for film & paper.





Fomafix 5 litres

Fomafix_5l_Black5 litre lab size of Fomafix liquid rapid fixer, used 1 + 5 for film & paper.






FomacitroFomacitro is a liquid concentrate acid stop-bath designed for use with negative & print processes.
Supplied in plastic 250ml bottles & diluted 1+19 with water for use.





FotonalFoma Fotonal is a wetting agent supplied as a liquid concentrate. Used at a dilution 0f 1+100 in a final rinse, it promotes even dispersion of water & rapid drying with no water marks.

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