Foma Photo Emulsion

foma_emulsion_0_25kg_rFoma produce emulsion for hand-coating purposes. Available in 2 sizes, 250 gram & 1 litre, which are supplied in 250ml & 1 litre bottles.
Emulsion is a semi-solid gel at room temperature, with a melting point of approximately 40°C, and the bottle requires heating in a hot water jacket fot 10 minutes or so to liquify the contents. However to give maximum working time the emulsion should be raised in temperature considerably above that.
Available in 2 sizes that represents good value for money. The emulsion features medium contrast and high covering power, capable of a wide tonal range even by a relative high yield of 3 to 6 sq. m. per 1 kg of emulsion.
An advantage of this high-speed emulsion are short exposures which make large size enlarging possible. With the majority of developers, this emulsion gives a neutral to mildly warm image tone.
The emulsion can be spread on the most different bases, as e. g. wood, textile, glass, china, ceramics, metals, leather, stone, concrete, plaster etc.


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