Foma Film Developers

Foma produce a variety of film developers for various applications & with different properties.


Fomadon R09

Foma_R09Fomadon R09 is a liquid concentrated developer based on para-aminophenol. It is a formulation that has been around for more than a century, and most famously as Agfa ‘Rodinal’. It is normally used at dilutions of 1+25 or 1+50, although for some cases, for example high contrast films it might be used even more dilute.
The main characteristic is it is extremely sharp-working, giving biting contours to fine detail in the image. This does mean, however that it’s not considered particularly fine grain, so 400ISO 35mm film images will definitely reveal graininess. On the other hand that might work well for you.
Available in a 250ml concentrate. R09 keeps well, & can even be used when it’s beginning to turn brown. We’ve tested 25 year old Rodinal & found it working almost as well as fresh developer!

Foma Excel

Fomadon_ExcelFoma Excel is a powder fine-grain developer, making 1 litre of solution.






Fomadon_PFomadon P is a 2-component powder metol-hydroquinone developer, which follows the same formulation as Kodak D76 & Ilford ID11. This type of developer balances fine grain with relatively high speed, and a good all round one to standardise on if you want to work with powder developers.





Fomadon_LQRFomadon LQR is a single solution concentrate which dilutes to make a fine-grain, good contrast phenidone hydroquinone negative developer. Designed for hand processing of all types of black & white films.
Supplied in plastic 250ml bottles & diluted 1+10 to 1+14.



RETRO Special Developer

Retro_Special_webA developer designed for hand processing of negative films, Retropan 320 soft in particular, or it can be used for all other sorts of roll/perforated/sheet negative films.





Foma Universal Developer

Foma_UniversalFoma Universal Developer can be used for both negative & paper processing so is included in both sections. A 2-component developer in powder form, making 1 litre of stock solution. This is then normally diluted 1+3 with water.

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