Foma B&W Reversal Kit

Reversal_Kit_1_BlackDesigned for reversal processing of Fomapan R films. This uses the conventional black & white reversal system of 1’st development, bleaching, clearing, fixing and washing.

The kit contains four liquid components including hydroquinone based developer used for the 1st and 2nd development, ammonium thiosulphate based fixer, bleaching and clearing bath. The processing kit has the capacity for either;

8 x 35mm 36 exposure films
2 x Double 8mm Standard 8 films
1 x 16mm 100′ film

Foma do not currently offer a reversal 35mm film – this position may change, but for the time being this kit could be used for reversal processing other black & white films. Generally slow to medium speed films will work better than fast films for reversal. However most films designed for negative processing will contain anti-halation tinting & will not view as clearly as a dedicated reversal film.



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