FB Print Drying

Fibreglass Mesh

Using plastic-coated fibreglass mesh to construct screens on which the print is laid, usually face down. Free circulation of air will give a relatively flat print, and most print surfaces that haven’t been over-washed are tough enough to dry without the mesh having any effect on the surface.

Back-to-Back Method

Drying 2 prints back to back, pegged on lines with plastic clothes pegs, with further pegs at the lower corners. The inherent curl of each print will tend to cancel out, and the prints should need only minimal flattening.


Alternatively, the use of blotters, going through several stages, fresh dry blotters at each stage, from damp to semi-dry, to completely dry. Further flattening after your selected drying method can be carried out under weights.
Alternatively if you have access to a dry mounting press, 30 seconds or so at a reasonably low heat between archival boards will speed the process up considerably.

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