Gandolfi – Family Business

02/03/19 ~ It’s been a long time coming, but the long awaited DVD of Ken Griffith’s tribute to the Gandolfi family is now literally a week or two away, having been ‘in the works’ at Disc Factory for some time. Produced in the DigiPak format, the DVD package is an elegantly designed collectible production, including a 36 page booklet featuring many of Ken’s pictures, the making of the film, and Fred Gandolfi’s own description of camera making.  Plus a lot more besides.
Excellent value at a RRP of £16.00 including VAT.
Launch date: 1’st April 2019
Advance orders can be made at Process Supplies; 020 7837 2179

The film TRAILER on Vimeo

As ‘extras’ to the DVD a compilation of Gandolfi archive material can be pulled up using the ‘Gandolfi Archive’ menu to the right of this page.



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