Bailey ‘Tears & Tears’


Not many photographers & printers have the clout to make a book out of their old test strips. Of the few contenders who could pull it off, David Bailey has managed just such an event, & in doing so paid respectful homage to the film, enlarging paper & darkroom world that he was brought up in, & which sadly is being left behind.

“Determining the perfect exposure time for a photographic print in a traditional darkroom can be a time-consuming and tedious process, and the irreverent David Bailey has never had much patience for it. Normally a photographer makes a number of test strips, each showing different exposure times; but Bailey has always just intuitively torn off strips of the unexposed paper to find the desired result: “I would usually have it in the bag after three tears.” Over the decades Bailey has kept his “test tears,” re-fixing and washing them to preserve the unpredictable and unique qualities of these “accidents.” This book contains a selection of Bailey’s tears, which transform some of his most famous motifs into fascinating abstract pictures through their torn edges and myriad tones.”

Priced around £40, but there seem to be plenty of reduced price new & traded on Amazon;


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