Zero Image Cameras

Zero Pinhole cameras are available off the peg in the UK
Darkside has commenced working with the Hong Kong based company, as a previous UK importer fell by the wayside.
When most camera products now are collections of microchips & driven by menus, the Zero Image pinhole cameras come as a refreshing change. No microchips, no plastic & not even a lens! Beautifully crafted from teak hardwood, and brought to a high standard of finish, these cameras are unique, and an ornament as well as a functional machine.


A wide choice of formats, from 35mm, then taking in a wide range of roll film formats, 5×4″ and even a 10×8″ are now all in stock.


2 thoughts on “Zero Image Cameras”

    1. Pretty much Zero Image cameras now in stock, in great depth! The finish now is the more matt oiled teak, the older high gloss has been phased out, & the new finish is more practical for working cameras.


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